European Adventure: Sweden | Seattle Portrait Photographer

It's been a while since I've blogged about the next leg in our journey...which was really not a separate "leg" but one smack-dab in the middle of our Danish adventure. Usually when I tell people we went to Sweden they say, "oh, isn't Stockholm AMAZING?" because, well, where else does one go when they spend less than 1 day in Sweden? If you're on our specific journey the answer is Malmö with the final destination of Billinge, on a quest to find the homestead of my and Sean's great-great-grandmother (on my dad's side). When we departed Copenhagen and got our rental car we made for the incredible Øresund bridge, a nearly 5-mile stretch from Denmark to Skåne Sweden. After several hours of driving through the Swedish countryside we finally made it to the small rural town. We found the somewhat hidden private road down which the homestead was supposed to be and drove about a mile, crossing our fingers that an angry farmer wouldn't start charging at us for trespassing. We parked at the end of the road, and searched on foot for the red house that we finally found. Sean pulled out his phone and miraculously, in the middle of nowhere, was able to pull up a photo in his email to make sure it was the right place.

The house looked like an old farmhouse, but was surrounded by acres of beautiful aspen or birch trees and tall grass. Sean tentatively went up to the door and knocked, hoping we'd meet a family vacationing there for the summer. Unfortunately no one was home, but we meandered around the house and property for about an hour. It was pretty amazing hanging out on the same property that belonged to our family generations ago, and seeing the same house where my great-great-grandmother was born. On our way out, Sean picked an apple from the tree next to the home and brought it back for my dad, a little keepsake which they partook in together.

We finished up our short day-trip in Sweden by visiting the local church, feasting on some fresh Swedish pastries, stocking up on Polly (the BEST candy I've ever had), and somehow getting lost catching the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingor Denmark...which, luckily, we eventually made.