Engaged: Ryan & Marisa

When you meet up with a couple to shoot their engagement pictures and the first thing you see is a Spider Man mask -- you know it's going to be a couple hours of pure fun and joy. And it was.

I've known Marisa for the past four years, when we lived together during college. Ryan was always the house boyfriend who made everyone laugh, particularly with his Sawyer-esque propensity to hand out nicknames. Somehow I was dubbed "Osterbergenschlictenhausen", derived from my old last name Osterberg.

It was a perfect day for photos -- overcast, but not too cold. I was blessed to see Ryan and Marisa together as an engaged couple; the love they have for each other is so real and honest, no pomp and circumstance. Just two friends, living and enjoying life together, and excited to grow in that friendship in marriage. Congratulations you guys.

Location: Pike Place Market and Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, WA

Ryan & MarisaRyan & MarisaRyan & MarisaRyan & MarisaRyan & Marisa