Engaged: Tarl & Kellyn

Kellyn and I go back. WAY back. I remember our first interaction in the locker rooms after P.E. in 8th grade; I had gone to the NSYNC concert the night before and was proudly sporting my concert t-shirt, much to Kellyn's jealousy. In fact, to simulate owning her own shirt she took a picture of mine, front and back. We clicked. Fast-forward to today -- when our friendship is centered on more than just concert memorabilia. And inside jokes about old teachers, Lord of the Rings, and NES with wine. Our friendship is one that is contrary to most: it has thrived and blossomed despite distance, and because of Christ. For that I am so grateful!

I met Tarl when I flew down to San Diego for the weekend to hang out and take these photos. I think any time you meet someone and you have a secret handshake within the first 5 minutes, it's probably a successful introduction. I had the best time meeting Kellyn's new best friend and getting to know their relationship while I was there. He is a Godly man, and loves my friend. I am satisfied! And I am honored to stand next to Kellyn on her wedding day in August, confident she and Tarl will be a faithful and encouraging couple. Congratulations!

Location: mostly Balboa Park and Hotel Del Coronado, both in San Diego, CA