And (drumroll please)..... we're up and running!

After 8 months of attempting to back-log shoots, getting super busy with summer wedding season, and catching up on client print orders, it's finally here -- my blog is launched! Thanks in large part (or, really, ALL parts) to my talented brother Sean who designed not only my website (which can be viewed at but this blog as well. If you're looking to hire someone to build you a completely custom website, ask me about contact information! I'm totally psyched to have a medium where I can interact with my clients and fans, and share what God is doing through me and what work He's allowing me to create. While my goal is to update this blog with current photos and what I've been up to in the photography world, I'm most excited to let ya'll in on who I am, and to learn who YOU are, so don't be shy. Comment, interact! In fact, what kind of "networking" would this blog be if it was just me writing?!

So, a huge THANK YOU to all my friends, family, and fans, who have supported me through this endeavor of running my own business and chasing a dream I never thought would come to fruition. This industry is definitely a tough one, and being in Seattle surrounded by so many artistic and creative people can get you down. I really couldn't do it without your support! But thanks be to God, the first Creator who made us in His image and has given us His gift of creativity, that I may bless a few in my small part of His story. Here's to keeping that at the center, and continuing to pursue His plan for me --  and may telling each of your unique stories through photographs NEVER become mundane!

Love, Kristin

P.S. Just for fun, here's the first photo I ever sold. I showed a collection of prints in April 2007 at Victor's Coffee Co. in Redmond, Wash. and was totally surprised when a stranger emailed to buy this 8x12 framed print. I have no idea whether he actually liked the photo (totally random....I have no idea what my thought process was behind taking this OR displaying it!) or felt bad for me, haha. But thanks to him, my confidence soared and made all the hard work of printing, mounting, and framing 20 photos totally worth it. Thanks, to THAT guy! :)