38 Years of Marriage | Seattle Portrait Photographer

I am so excited to finally share these photos that have been on the docket for three years now. For several reasons it hasn't been the right time to blog them, but now -- hurray! 

Today marks my parents' 38th wedding anniversary, and 42 years together. It's hard for a "newlywed" of 6 years like me to comprehend that amount of time with my own husband, but it's something I think we all long for. That oneness, companionship, friendship, and loyalty is such a unique blessing found in marriage. I can only hope and pray the Good Lord gives Jason and me such a lifetime (and more)! 

Three years ago I asked (read: convinced) my parents to do an anniversary shoot to honor their milestone 35th. Part of it was a way to get them out of the house so we could throw them a surprise party with friends and family, but I was also eager to see my parents in a different way behind the lens. I blogged about it here, and you can read some more in-depth thoughts on our time together during the shoot. But one thing that has stuck with me over the three years since this shoot, and as I edited through these images again: they are dear friends, sweethearts at the core, and my Dad can still make my Mom laugh at the stupidest things. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. Marriage is hard, and sometimes a lot of work, but I was so encouraged by that intimate friendship I caught a glimpse of at the local Burgermaster. 

So, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Thank you for the example you've set in your commitment and covenant to each other, may we continue to thank God for His love -- by which we are able to love others, especially in marriage.