I've been BLOGGED!

I'm so excited about this blog post, because I get to rave about my photographer friend Karen. (see all her work at www.karenkwang.com) Karen (or, also known as Wang, Wangers, Wangtsa, or really anything you can put "wang" in) was introduced to me through some mutual friends at Mars Hill Church during a BBQ last summer. But I got most excited about her when we got to know each other much better after signing on to serve on the MHC blog team as photographers. Karen always has her trusty backpack with her, camera inside, and ready to capture a moment....and you can see that in her work. It is so genuine and fun-loving, and makes you truly feel like you know the people in front of the lens. I'm psyched to be on this journey with her, both of us growing and learning in the photography business, and am so encouraged by her enthusiasm and joy -- for life, people, and most of all Jesus.

Since the beginning of the year Karen has been working on her weekly project -- to professionally photograph her friends, and blog about each unique person and her friendship with them (you can see her 2011 project so far here). I was honored to be included in this endeavor, and she recently posted our little adventure to Bainbridge Island on her blog. We had a blast! Looking through these photos, I feel like I was captured so honestly by her photo skills -- meaning, I look at these photos and see ME, not some cookie-cutter person trying to be me. And that, my friends, is a rare and incredible talent.

Head over to her blog and check out her work, and make sure to leave her some love and encourage her God-given talent. And thanks again, Karen, for your friendship and gift!

(The photo below is one of my favorites: this is my great-grandmother Elna's Danish New Testament, passed down to her daughter Gretha [my beloved Granny], then passed down to her daughter Judith [my awesome Aunt Judy], which was given to her brother Jonathan's daughter [me!]. I cherish it, and love the deep, Danish, Jesus-loving roots of my family.)