The [long, over-drawn, unneccessary] "Summer Break"

It has officially been TOO LONG since I've blogged anything. I have taken an extended "Summer Break" like the old days of grade school, except it's been from April until December. And after sitting down with my brother Sean (the creative man behind my websiteand blog design, updates of which are coming SOON!), I was humbled to receive feedback on my current set-up of business relations -- and namely my blogging skills. And of course by "feedback" I mean a harsh (but true) word. I have been failing at a large portion of my job. And, similarly, after a frank discussion and honest appraisal from my loving husband, I realized I've just been plain lazy. I'm not sure what it is about blogging that I find so it because I don't think people will read what I have to write? Because I think people don't actually look at photography blogs? Because Facebook makes it so easy to post current work there, without much effort? Because life gets crazy and I can't find the time?  I have no idea. Probably all of them. But the thing is, as a consumer myself I THRIVE off of reading blogs; they're such a huge resource of knowledge, inspiration, communication, and an awesome way to see God's gift of creativity given in so many facets of life. So regardless of if ANY of those excuses listed above are true, I've made myself a liar....if blogs are so important, I should at the very least be keeping up with my own.

So please allow me to apologize for my laziness and apathy towards this aspect of my job. I love my clients, and I love getting to share their lives and photos with you. Nothing should trump that! I'll be working hard and diligently to get current work from the past several months posted. Facebook posts will likely be delayed until after posting to the blog; by doing this I'm hoping to share my work and my clients' stories in a more intimate and meaningful setting. And with the upcoming remodel of this blog, it will be sleeker than ever!

As always, I'm so thankful for you, my clients, my family, and my friends. Thanks for believing in and bearing with me during this idle season and coming alongside me for the future.

And....what's a Summer Break without a few photos? :) Enjoy.