Mars Hill Sammamish Church launch | Seattle Event Photographer

This past Sunday I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the launch of one of the newest Mars Hill Churches in Sammamish for the Mars Hill blog. Thankfully the snow didn't keep me from making it up there....though the Eastside definitely got dumped on that day, it didn't happen until after I left the church. It was an awesome day, with the start of the Real Marriage sermon series as well as three other churches officially launching in Rainier Valley, Portland OR, and Orange County CA. Seeing the house packed and husbands vowing to love and serve their wives as Christ loved the church was truly inspiring. As I walked around with a blog reporter meeting members of the Sammamish church I was touched by so many of their stories; particularly a girl named Leah, who spontaneously decided to be baptized after seeing her dad holding her mom's hand and praying for her, an outside expression of the change Jesus is making in his heart -- and realizing the change in hers too. Equally as encouraging was meeting Delmar and Linda, who are Gideons who've been praying for Pastor Mark and Mars Hill; they came to the launch in order to see what they have been praying for and to celebrate God's work. How awesome!

For those interested, check out Pastor Mark & Grace Driscoll's new book Real Marriage which is The New York Times #1 best-seller. It's a great read for those married, and even for singles who some day desire to be married. For sermons, check out Mars Hill's website.