Snowpocalypse in Seattle | Seattle Portrait Photographer

Ah yes, the ever-feared snow in the Northwest has arrived. Seattleites are an interesting folk -- one minute they're saying, "Yes! Snow is on the way!", and the next day they're counting down the days until the rain comes back. As someone who works from home I'm lucky not to have to travel in it..... but the decision still remains: put your entire life on hold due to an inch or two (or 5, at the moment!) and hibernate for a few days, as evidenced in this video, or bear the roads and make things difficult for everyone else (as seen in this video). I decided to continue on with life, but on foot rather than vehicle. Heading to the chiropractor a few miles away gave me the opportunity to capture the beauty and stillness of a massive snowfall in Seattle. Green Lake was something out of Narnia, it seemed. Regardless of the potential inconvenience, I still love the snow; even if only for its photogenic qualities!

A major plus to the adventure was running into these awesome ladies from University Christian Housing, where I used to live when I went to UW. You'd think they're models, no?