A Little Cloud Adventure | Seattle Portrait Photographer

Have you met the amazing Karen Wang? If not, now's the time. Better known as Wang/Wangers/Wangers McWangerson to her friends, she is an inspired fellow photographer and a great friend. As I mentioned in a blog post last year about Wang's personal project she did through 2011, she has a true gift to capture people just as they are. I love the joy that radiates from her, and it shows in her work -- in the brightness, the tones, and the genuine smiles on her subjects' faces. Getting to know Wang better over the past year has been a true blessing! Recently she invited me over for some lunch and hang-out time...which turned into a cloud-photographing adventure. If there's one thing in the world this girl loves more than Jesus (and mustaches, and dogs -- particularly when they look like they're driving a car, and adventures/exploring, and coining awesome nicknames for people), it's clouds! So we set off in Fremont in hopes of getting some rad blue sky action on film....and instead had the typical overcast Seattle weather. We made the most of it, taking some snapshots of "Cloud Face" (the ever-so-snuggly cloud pillow) and I got the opportunity to photograph Wangers which was awesome. She's so photogenic! Maybe one day when Spring finally arrives we'll get the REAL cloud adventure we sought to photograph; until then, enjoy this ray of sunshine who is Karen Wang.