Mike & Stephanie, 2.24.2012 | Seattle Wedding Photographer

OOoooooh guys. This wedding. I'm so excited to share it! And, quite unlike me, I'm pretty quick on the turn-around here. There were altogether too many photos to choose from, with so many awesome moments and details. I mean, any time a wedding dance floor is opened with the Dougie you know it's gonna be a memorable night! (P.S I'm pretty sure Mike learned how to Dougie with that exact video. Ask him.) I have been lucky enough to know Mike for about 3 years or so now. I still remember the first time he came to the community group I was in at the time -- he literally sat in a chair with his arms crossed and a slight frown on his face the whole time....with no comment for 2 hours other than introducing himself. I thought, "this guy totally isn't coming back". And to be honest, I was kinda scared of Mike so I was okay with that :) But to my HUGE surprise, and now great joy, he did come back; and not only that, but Mike completely surrendered his life to Christ not too long after that and has been walking with Jesus faithfully since then. It's been such a blessing to see him change into such a Godly man, and an honor for him to be a friend to both my husband and me. When he told us he was dating Stephanie I thought, "well, this is it!". Stephanie is one of the sweetest women I know, with a true desire to get to know people. People always say that, but this is true for her: the first time we actually met with an opportunity to talk (at Park Pub), she was so engaging and intentional in conversation. Seriously, how many truly MEANINGFUL conversations do you have in a bar? I was confident they'd be hitched within the year. And for the record, I was right ;) I'm so excited to get to know Stephanie more, and get to know the two of them as an inspiring couple.

Enough gushing, let's get to the wedding! I loved how it felt like two worlds were colliding, particularly played out in the bridal party: Mike's typical flat-billed hat and skater shoes were the attire the guys donned, while the girls were so elegant in black cocktail dresses. Stephanie was stunning in a white, fitted wedding dress with just a few embellishments and a low veil (not to mention a fun little pop of red with her pumps!). There were tons of fun details throughout the day -- like the "putt for a kiss" station they set up (instead of clinking your glass to have the bride & groom kiss, they had guests putt for a hole-in-one), the fact that Mike (and his groomsmen following) spun his hat around backwards before the first kiss, and the table names being special places Mike & Stephanie have experienced together. Combine all of that with a WICKED dance party (seriously, you'd have thought they hired professional dancers to come to the wedding), delicious IPA, and a cake battle that ended with lots of napkins, and it was a laughter and joy-filled day. I couldn't be happier for my friends.

Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Stephanie Musco!