Marilyn | Kingston High School grad 2012 | Seattle Senior Photographer

Let me just start by saying one thing: this girl can rock it! Both in front of the camera, and as a singer and guitarist. I LOVE it when clients bring their own personalities, style, and passions to a shoot, and Marilyn was definitely not lacking in this! From the get-go the shoot was off to a great start -- believe it or not, it was actually sunny and warm on a day in early February in Seattle. Crazy! Marilyn showed up with her mom Tami and good friend Olivia which was a huge benefit; because, let's be honest, getting in front of a camera if you haven't ever met the photographer is hard enough without feeling completely awkward. Tami and Olivia were a great encouragement and made Marilyn quite comfortable during the shoot (a note to future Seniors or clients who are wary, bring a friend along!) and the four of us had a great time chatting, shooting, and basking in the sunshine. Call me partial (haha), but Marilyn's red hair and dark eyes were just gorgeous on film and it was a joy to photograph her. See for yourself!

Oh, and Marilyn, if music doesn't work out for you and you enter the fashion industry -- I'll have to give you a call as my personal stylist. You killed it, girl! :)