The Grimm Family | Seattle Family Photographer

When Emily contacted me to look into a family portrait session as a gift for her mother-in-law, I was totally thrilled and honored. Having lived with two of the daughters in the family at some point in my life -- Five-0 and Farm, holla back! -- and knowing how kind their family of 8 (now 10!) is, I knew we'd have a pretty amazing session. Emily and Nathan were one of the first couples to entrust their beautiful wedding day to me, back in 2008. [Of course, I couldn't have done it without the awesome Jenny of JKoe Photography alongside me!] You can see some of their pictures here on my flickr....way back when I was "Kristin Osterberg Photography". My how time flies! Even still, they have always held special appreciation in my heart and I was pumped to photograph such a fantastic and photogenic family again. I hadn't seen the younger siblings since Emily and Nathan's wedding, so I was totally shocked at what beautiful young adults they are! I'm sure you'll agree. We had a great time keeping warm, chasing the sun, and making art together. Thank you, Grimm family, for once again entrusting your memories to me and allowing me to capture your beauty on film!