Greg & Jerri | Edmonds Wedding Photographer

There is definitely something to be said for the beauty of a small, intimate wedding with just an officiant, a witness, and two people in love committing their marriage vows to each other....oh, and me with a camera :) Greg & Jerri decided to get married at the Edmonds waterfront -- and even though the rain didn't hold up completely, the day was beautiful. Sand, water, ferries, and the perfect non-white gown that lent to the gorgeous blue surroundings. The ceremony was short and sweet, and the couple and their close friends were off to celebrate with dinner at Canlis

This wedding was such a wonderful break from a full day of coverage (which I still love). The simplicity gave way to so many genuine moments. I'd love to add more of these weddings to my yearly schedule! 

Congrats Greg & Jerri! Thank you for inviting me in to such a special and private ceremony. Here's to many years of marriage ahead!