Micah & Ursula | Orcas Island Wedding Photographer

After shooting their engagement session this past Spring, I knew Micah and Ursula's wedding would be a blast....and boy was I right! The hospitality I received while working with this couple was so sweet and genuine -- I truly felt like an honored guest. And, in a funny turn of events, actually ended up staying with Micah's parents, siblings and their spouses, and nephews for the 2 days I was on the island. I was greeted with warm a hug, even as a stranger, and left after a long weekend feeling like I was on a bit of vacation.

Early on Ursula had mentioned her priorities: 1) Amazing food, 2) Family, and 3) PARTY. What a great place to start, and what a success it was. And you couldn't have picked a better spot than Orcas Island for an intimate destination wedding. Guests came from across the country to celebrate with them -- and Ursula's family, with Ursula herself being from Italy, traveled internationally to attend the wedding as well. It was a cross-cultural soiree!

The minute guests arrived at the venue they were greeted with drinks and friendly guests. The free-flowing ceremony was full of candid moments, including Micah and Ursula's excitement as they saw each other for the first time that day. Jackson, their sweet puppy, was even a part of the ceremony as the ring bearer. The day continued on with hugs and kisses, family reunions, delicious appetizers, toasts, and a 4-hour formal dinner with traditional Italian food with wine pairings for every course. An amazingly delicious first for me! There was dancing well into the wee hours (some rumor about closing down the venue at 4am...), and so much celebrating my feet were killing me at the end of the night. I'd say they accomplished their goals: it was a family- and friend-centric day true to them as a couple. 

Thank you Micah and Ursula for hosting us, and for throwing one of the best wedding parties we've ever shared in! Salute!