The New Branding is Revealed! | Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer

After almost a year and a half of planning, creating, consulting, scheming, dreaming, brainstorming, and hard work, my new branding and website was launched last week. If you haven't had a chance to browse the site yet, please look around! 

In working with my website developer my vision was for something simple, clean, and crisp. Something that represents my photography: colorful, refined, classic, and creative. I think he hit the nail on the head with the design of this site. I love that it's easy to navigate, that photos are large and easy to view, and that it really gives my audience a chance to browse through some of my favorite images to date. I couldn't be more pleased!

As my photography has developed (no pun intended!) over the past five years I realized that my greyscale logo didn't represent what I do; there was no life breathed into it, no personality to be shown. I worked with Julie at Cmyk and pixels for over a year to come up with something perfect for me. We went through several drafts of beautiful logos....but none truly captured me until we went outside the box of photography specific designs. 


Thinking out loud one night, my husband Jason asked me to think about what I like, what makes me special, anything that stands out. I thought, "how on earth do you incorporate something like that into a logo?" What came to mind surprised me, but seemed to resonate. The idea of a lilac, somewhere between a flower and a tree, stuck with me. 

It may seem random and arbitrary, but lilacs are one of my favorite things. Ever since I was little I have vivid and fond memories of waking up on my birthday to fresh-cut lilacs by my bedside: a thoughtful and precious gift from my Dad who, even to this day, will gift me with them. I'm lucky enough to have been born during that short, beautiful window in late April when they typically bloom! The smell alone is enough to bring me joy, and conjures nostalgia of a life rooted in family and hope of the spring ahead. This strong and hearty tree with its feminine flowers of purple and white seemed the perfect fit. Julie put her creative mind to the task and finalized what is now my beautiful new logo. 

Importantly, trees represent life -- and that's what I'm so excited to capture in my photography! Thank you for being on this journey with me, and celebrating this new stage for Kristin Boyett Photography.